A lot of false information has been spread about Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons working with local parents to open a K-12 classical charter school in the Boulder area. The local paper, the Boulder Daily Camera, has been covering the Ascent Classical Academy application but not reporting accurately nor always reaching out to the ACA team for comments.

Ari Armstrong recently wrote a well-researched piece on his Colorado Freedom Report in response to an inaccurate editorial that appeared in the Boulder Daily Camera that used the Camera’s own uneven reporting.

Classical Greek Polis

He writes:

Ascent Classical Academy is a proposed charter school within the Boulder Valley School District. The district rejected Ascent’s application on January 22. The Colorado Board of Education will hear and vote on Ascent’s appealon February 14 (2:00 pm).

Regardless of what one might conclude about the details of Ascent’s application, abundantly obvious is that that certain actors are biased against Ascent because of its ties to conservative Christians. The dispute over Ascent is fundamentally about ideology.

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