MYTH: GVCA Misused Funds to Support ACA

FACT:  WRONG.  A disgruntled Golden View Classical Academy (GVCA) board member, who was later removed from the board, has been publicly making these claims that were independently investigated and cleared over a year ago.  When this board member made her claims, the GVCA board took her concerns seriously and hired a well-respected attorney to investigate each of her claims.  This attorney provided a written report to the GVCA board making clear no improper activity took place and there were no conflicts of interest in the transactions of the school.

Unfortunately, this board member was unable to accept the findings and has continued approaching multiple school districts and government agencies making her claims, all of which have been satisfied GVCA took proper action in investigating the claims.

The Boulder Valley School District was provided a letter that provides information on the investigation and later actions of this disgruntled board member.

This board member also compiled a list of documents and created other written opinions, to include attorney-client privileged material, that are incomplete and omit other relevant information.

A recent Letter to the Editor to the Boulder Daily Camera from another GVCA board member provides more information.

The Golden View Classical Academy Board of Directors also adopted the following statement in response to this board member’s public claims:

Golden View Classical Academy (GVCA) is well aware of the accusations made public by a former board member against Ascent Classical Academy, GVCA, and Mr. Shuler.


When those claims surfaced almost a year ago, the GVCA Board took them seriously and obtained a well-respected, independent attorney to investigate the claims.  This attorney found neither wrong-doing nor a conflict of interest in a written report adopted by the GVCA Board.


Since that investigation, these claims have also been reviewed by the Jefferson County School District, the Jefferson County District Attorney, the Colorado Charter School Institute, and Hillsdale College.


The spending referred to in the accusations was in the interest of GVCA, was well within the purview of the school’s principal and the services contracted were made known to the GVCA Board and in accordance with board policy.  We will continue to cooperate in the appropriate manner and keep our students’ and families’ best interests at the forefront of our efforts.


Golden View Classical Academy remains committed to providing an outstanding education to our students and will work with our partners in order to do so.