I am writing to offer my hearty approval for Ascent Classical Academy in Boulder, and I’m speaking as an educator and as a parent.

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We are so certain that this school is the answer to our schooling issues. We feel this school is our only answer in BVSD.

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I am a second-generation Mexican-American and we strongly believe in the benefits of a classical curriculum.

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I am an immigrant myself and have experienced discrimination first hand at the public schools I attended as a youth.

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We are not hostile, we are understanding. We welcome students and families of every creed, ethnicity, and life circumstance.

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My child is one that three other schools could not fully understand. Today our son is thriving at ACA, a charter school who understands him.

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The decision to enroll our children in GVCA has been the best one I have made in my entire life. The families who attend either GVCA or Ascent Classical Academy of Douglas County can all attest that the schools are accepting of all races, religions, and backgrounds.

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From everything I’ve experienced, seen, heard, and read, Ascent treats everyone with incredible respect, regardless of their age, gender, race, abilities, religious/political beliefs, life choices, or financial status.

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I encourage you to approve the charter. Taking a leap of faith toward good requires courage. Be courageous.

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We actually have a much more racial diverse community at GVCA than my neighborhood public elementary.

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