Dear Boulder Valley School board,

I am writing to offer my hearty approval for Ascent Classical Academy in Boulder, and I’m speaking as an educator and as a parent.

If a school district is merely interested in raising their overall test scores, approving Ascent would help towards accomplishing that goal. If your goal is to be inclusive and offer educational choices to the families in your district, approving Ascent will demonstrate your openness to tried-and-true Classical educational practices which are exceedingly rare in Boulder. If having happy, productive, well-educated students is high on your priority list, you will not be disappointed with the product of Ascent.

I taught E.L.L. and English in Southern California public schools for years. My oldest daughter graduated from Conifer High School in Jefferson County. The education that my three younger children are receiving at Golden View Classical Academy is what every parent would hope for their children.  

I have witnessed disorder, apathy, and an environment that extinguishes the love of learning at other public schools, but have experienced the exact opposite at Golden View. The great majority of students are thriving in every way. Students there aren’t numbers; they are known, accepted, nurtured and included in very tangible ways. The huge waiting list at Golden View Classical Academy speaks for itself. I’m sure the waiting list for Ascent will be equally as long in a year or two.

Thank you for your openness and inclusiveness in giving such an excellent option to parents who desire a Classical education for their children.

Kind regards,