MYTH: ACAF Wants to Arm All Teachers.

FACT: WRONG. ACAF does not plan to arm staff. ACAF was clear with BVSD that they do not intend to arm staff in the January 15, 2019 study session, which is available from BVSD’s audio archives at minute 43:40.

This is an unfounded rumor due to a question that was asked about a new security policy in place at GVCA, which allow certain staff members who volunteer and undergo strict training multiple times per year to serve as school security officers.

Per a GVCA email to families:

“GVCA is always thinking about how to make our school safer for our children and for faculty and staff, and we know that the question of school security is on every parent’s mind. It is a many-faceted dilemma, driven primarily by a school’s culture and supported by trained staff and a community that is vigilant and aware. On that score, one effort we have also begun and put into effect last year is to keep parents abreast of sexual abuse prevention trainings in the area, to contribute to safety not only at the school but in the broader communities of which we are all a part. Several faculty members, too, have participated in advanced medical training beyond CPR and First Aid to improve their flexibility and care options in the case of any kind of unexpected event, whether it be at school, on a field trip, or at a sporting event.”