Dear BVSD Board of Directors,

I am writing to strongly urge you to approve Ascent Classical Academy. We are in our third year of attending Golden View Classical Academy and currently have kids in the 5th and 4th grades, as well as Kindergarten.  Due to moves, this is the third school we have attended and the education my kids are receiving is the most thorough and impressive yet. Just last night when we were discussing friends having hurt feelings and the character implications, my fourth grader compared it to what she had been learning in history about the various Dynasties of ancient China. I love the fact that they are learning way more about history, science, grammar, math, and literature than I ever did in school.

I understand that opponents of the school are saying that our school teaches Christianity, opposes the LGBT community, and is racist. These accusations couldn’t be further from the truth. My kids have learned equally about world religions as they each play an important role in history. There has been absolutely no more emphasis on Christianity than any other religion. As for not including members of any minority community, GVCA accepts students on a random lottery basis. There is certainly not an preference given or withheld for a particular type of student. We actually have a much more racial diverse community at GVCA than my neighborhood public elementary.

Our school practices kindness, justice, friendship, amongst many other virtues that are regularly talked about and worked into the curriculum. I can’t help but notice the irony in shouting in support of choice and diversity when some individuals want to prevent students in the Boulder Valley School district from having school choice.

I hope you make the just choice of allowing more families access to a different type of education if they believe it would be best for their family.