Dear Superintendent Anderson and BVSD Board Members:

I want to encourage your vote to approve the Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons on Tuesday, January 22nd.

My name is Pam ——-, and I have a son, ——-, who is in the BVSD school district whom I am currently home schooling. ——- was identified as having issues with his learning environment as early as preschool and that is when we took him in for testing. We found out that —– has some special needs and we feel the Ascent Classical School will help him to address those needs.

Our first year after receiving these test results, we put him in a private school that cost us over $16,000 a year. Though he did well in this school, we felt this was financially unsustainable for our family (especially since that was kindergarten). After doing that for one year, we decided to try public school in BVSD that provided a lot of support to kids like —–. The school did a fantastic job of pulling him out of class a couple times a week to work with him, but any time he was in the classroom, he had troubles concentrating and focusing on what the assignment was asking of him. We believe a large part of that trouble was the curriculum which he continually complained was “boring” and the way the children were seated all facing one another (very distracting for a child with attention issues).

We decided at this point to homeschool him and use a classical curriculum. We picked up Susan Wise Bauer’s Well-Trained Mind and followed her program and he has been thriving ever since! He is engaged in learning! I took —– with me to tour the Golden View Classical Academy in Golden and for an hour and a half he was mesmerized by what the children were learning in the classroom. He had no problems sitting in on the different classes and staying interested in what the kids were learning at each classroom we entered. Also, we noticed the desks all pointed toward the teacher and we believe that helped the kids stay focused. —– agreed that would help him tremendously.

We are so certain that this school is the answer to our schooling issues. Our son desperately wants to be with his peers and return to school. We feel this school is our only answer in BVSD. Please vote to approve this school for our son.

Thank you for your time and consideration.