Dear BVSD Superintendent and Board of Education,

My husband and I are both educators with 20+ years as both teachers and school administrators. We are so thrilled to have the absolute privilege of sending our two children to Ascent Classical Academy Douglas County and look forward to sending our third there next year.

The communication between the school and the parents, the culture and climate of the school, the content rich education, and the professionalism we experience daily at Ascent have been second to none. The attention to our children and their various needs from the teachers, student services department, and administration has been incredible and so refreshing!

We have a 1st grade student who has an IEP which was just initiated this year and a 3rd grader who has just started the ALP process. The meetings we have had with student services and the classroom teachers have been absolutely seamless, professional, and actually  enjoyable. The teachers and student services team have shown that they understand our children, appreciate them as individuals, and have offered insights and accommodations for them which far exceeded our expectations. The staff at Ascent have proven how passionate they are about educating kids, how much they care about their students and families, and how well equipped they are to create an environment where all types of students thrive.

My children feel truly known, heard, and appreciated at Ascent. The curriculum, culture, and community that has been created there has ignited such a deep love of learning in both my kids. It is such a wonderful experience as a parent to see them becoming lifelong learners and we have to give credit to Ascent for that!

Ascent Classical Academy Douglas County Parent