Dear Boulder Valley School District Board of Education,

Please vote to approve Ascent Classical Academy for BVSD.  There is high demand for charter schools teaching the Classical Model. From personal experience, my two children thrive at the classical school Golden View Classical Academy in Golden, CO. They love school and I am grateful. I have never met more dedicated and caring faculty and staff who are willing to go above and beyond to help all children succeed.  They practice the virtues of friendship and kindness as they teach the same virtues to our children. We love the grammar school Core Knowledge curriculum and are confident with its success nationwide.  Golden View has accommodated both my advanced learner, as well as my child who needs more help in reading and writing. They have an impressive Student Services department. The department helped set up a solid 504 plan when my child needed it.  Faculty and staff are all open to feedback, and with open communication they have acted upon each of my questions or concerns in a positive manner.

Our school is not a Christian school nor does it preach or promote Christian beliefs.  As you know, that would be illegal. Throughout our last 3.5 years at the school, I have met families at the school with various backgrounds/beliefs including Atheism, Hinduism, and Christianity.  All students are welcome and respected. My children did have a short unit where they learned about the religions of Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism in the context of history. They’ve also learned about Greek and Roman gods.   

The school does not discriminate.  Enrollment seats are filled through a blind lottery system.  In fact, Golden View is more racially diverse than my local neighborhood school (according to

I could go on and on about how grateful I am for the opportunity to choose and participate in the classical education of my children.  I ask that you please give this choice to BVSD as well. Thank you.