Dear Boulder Valley School Board,

Our family has had a graduate from Castle View High School in Castle Rock Colorado and now our sophomore and 5th grader currently attend Ascent Classical Academy Charter School.

Contrary to false claims this school has shown to be very inclusive and not biased towards any one belief system. If it were so we would not allow our kids to attend.

The school had no problem approving navy pants for girls who prefer not to wear a skirt on formal day.  They teach history from a Core Knowledge perspective which includes looking at all of the world religions, people groups and philosophies. They never discuss or promote one belief over another.

The only correlation to Hillsdale College that we have seen is to read the classics, learn the art of humanities and study historical texts.  My sophomore consistently has her own opinion about the literature she reads and the school welcomes differing thoughts, interpretations and opinions in the classroom.

If training a child into an adult that can think for themselves is welcomed in the Boulder Valley school district, if allowing students to feel included for who they are and their individual thought patterns and those thoughts are able to be voiced respectfully and debated, if every truth is able to be spoken kindly and discussed amongst the student body, then a school like Ascent should be welcomed in any school district.  

There are many different nationalities and religious beliefs represented within this school.  We have met families with an African American heritage, Asian, and Caucasian. Also, there are many different religious beliefs held and all are accepted and not favored.  Even those who have no religious affiliation are fully accepted. That is the premise of this country. The first Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the Free exercise thereof.”  

Ascent Classical Academy follows this Amendment. It does not respect establishing any form of religion in the school atmosphere in any way and does not suppress the free exercise thereof within the student body.

Our family is perfectly able to hold our truth and be respected within it at Ascent Classical Academy and our kids are absolutely thriving intellectually, socially and academically.


The Carlson Family