Dear Board Members,

I am writing to let you know how important it was for our family to have a classical school option in public education.  Ascent Classical would be a wonderful addition to your school district.

Our son started at Golden View Classical Academy (GVCA) in the inaugural year, 2015, as a fourth grader, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.  The teachers and curriculum have reinvigorated his interest in learning and achieving. Nearly everyday we discuss something he has learned, from history to literature to music to science.  Prior to that, I could hardly get him to remember what he did in school. The teachers are engaging and truly have a passion for the subject matter and teaching, which then spurs the students to participate.  It is truly amazing that with 30 students in a given class, the teacher is the focus and the students are all engaged in learning. Our son has blossomed at this school and maintains a straight A average while playing two sports.

We love the fact that this is a smaller school.  It has led to our family forging close relationships with the both the Principal and Asst. Principal.  They even teach a class here and there. Teachers are readily accessible to both parents and students. Monthly, a “Coffee with the Principal” is held where specific topics are discussed or simply a Q&A.  Each January, our Principal holds a “State of the School” forum and discusses school achievements and plans for the future. Besides our weekly newsletter, the school corresponds frequently with the parents regarding the school, changes or important items and feedback is highly encouraged.  Since our families come from all areas of the metro Denver area (and beyond), we have many student and community events. Our community grows stronger every year.

We are proud and thankful to be a part or GVCA.