Boulder Valley School Board,

I am the mom of a student with special needs.
Learning Disabilities.
Sensory Issues.
A student, a child, who struggles everyday.

This is a child Cherry Creek School District could not understand; three of their schools were unable to consistently follow an IEP and support his needs. Homeschooling became our only option. We homeschooled for four years but began to look for other options for high school.

Today our son is thriving at a charter school who understands him. A charter school that accepts him and his needs. A school family who on a daily basis meets him where he is. A school where the entire IEP process was vastly different that we had ever experienced. Through years of countless IEP meetings, we had never felt all team members were on OUR side, on our SON’s side. Until now.

Ascent Classical Academy of Douglas County has been a breath of fresh air. To say the school has drastically changed him – and our life overall – is an understatement.  The care, compassion, insight, knowledge, and assistance he receives on a daily basis cannot even compare to any experience in the past.

The school is simply amazing and perfect for him. The IEP process, as I mentioned, has been the least stressful of any we have ever been part of, actually stress free!  In addition, until a full evaluation could be completed and the IEP put in place, the school provided continued support to him each and every day.

Choice in Education is critical for our children. For the squares that do not fit in the round hole the neighborhood schools provide, charters provide the options many children need.

In your district there are students who need Ascent. Please, give those children a viable option and vote to allow the Flatirons location to open. I am most open to communication if you have questions.