Dear BVSD Superintendent and Board of Education,

Thank you for considering Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons (ACAF). We are excited about ACAF coming to BVSD and would like to encourage you to approve their Charter application.

We appreciate the diversity of options that BVSD is well known to value and this is the option that we personally have been following for well over a year now. We currently homeschool using a Classical model and if BVSD added ACAF, this would definitely be the choice for us in which to enroll our children into our local public program.

We have toured GoldenView Classical Academy in Golden and were extremely impressed with their version of the Classical model and the overall rigor of the school. This would also bring a thriving addition to your district as BVSD is well known to value academic rigor as well. Will you please approve Ascent Classical Academy’s application?

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration,