Dear Boulder Valley School Board,

I am writing with my support of Ascent Classical Academy.

I have two sons currently attending GVCA as ninth and eleventh graders, and a recent graduate who has gone on to attend Wyoming Catholic College with a full-tuition scholarship. GVCA is a wonderful and welcoming school and I am grateful that my sons have had the opportunity to attend there. My college student has found that his education at GVCA was top-notch. He learned how to communicate his thoughts (both through writing and speaking) and how to think and form opinions by drawing from his extensive knowledge of science, literature and history. As you may know, the GVCA seniors are required to present and defend a thesis on “What is the good life”. I watched all of the presentations last year and I was impressed by the range of ideas and their deep knowledge of history and literature. You could tell that the students thought about what they were learning because it stayed with them (it wasn’t forgotten after they took a test). Attending GVCA has very much prepared my son for college study and he’s noticed that while his classmates still struggle with writing and critical reading, he’s been able to fully engage in his studies and he’s earned high grades at a very challenging school.

I’ve heard of some of the criticisms leveled at GVCA and I wonder where people get these accusations. I pointedly asked my kids if they have ever seen any discrimination or intolerance and they both said that they have not. I know there are LGBTQ kids who attend the school, and I wonder why they would stay if they were made to feel discriminated against. In fact, I wonder why anyone would want to attend such a “hate-filled school”. It doesn’t make any sense! I know the criticisms of LGBTQ discrimination, intolerance, Christian indoctrination and hate-speech do NOT exist at GVCA. I just wonder what the people who repeat these “talking-points” are afraid of.

Please vote to approve Ascent Classical Academy!


John and Katie