To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in hopes that you will take my testimonial into consideration when making a decision to include this school in your district.

Let me start by saying that I have had children in several public schools over the last 15 years. Some even touted as “among the best”.  I have 5 school aged children ranging in age from 5 to 15. My experience in the several elementary, middle and high schools was less than desirable. No matter the district. These experiences became so awful that we were entertaining online programs and home school as options for this year. My children have been stuffed into classes that were 35+ students. I even attended a parent teacher conference for my son where the teacher was talking about the wrong person. Showing me work, and discussing strengths and opportunities, but it want even my child this teacher was speaking of.  One of my children is small in stature and had endured YEARS of bullying, first by students, then called a “tattle tale” when he continued to report to the administration. One of my conversations with the dean of students ended with me threatening to go directly to the board if they didn’t put a stop to it. Because of this bullying, and the refusal of the school teachers and administration to act, my child developed debilitating anxiety around going to school. At 11 years old, making himself physically ill, refusing to go. There is no way to detail all of the horror stories in one email.  We moved districts.

I went to register my children at the middle school and the elementary school in our new district late in the summer. We took tours of the schools. Asked about the programs. Sports teams. Culture. Diversity of students. At the elementary school, I asked about the structure of the Kindergarten day. The answer was simple. There wasn’t any. I left both schools skeptical at best. My kids were looking at classes that had 35+ students again. My son asked “What if I need help? Will the teacher even have time?” We started exploring homeschooling and online programs.

This is when I found Ascent Classical Academy. I am trying to be respectful of your time, but I truly cannot say enough great things about this school. From their incredible staff in the front office, to the amazing teaching staff.  My son had a rough start to the year. To my amazement, I did not have to wait for a generated email to inform me of his failure. His teachers were reaching out to me, they wanted to have actual conversations about my son. They wanted to help. They wanted to help him not only find his confidence and potential, but help engage him. They are all aware of his anxiety, and have learned to identify how to help him when it starts to come on. They have learned to help walk him through a panic attack. As a result, he is less anxious and most importantly, he has trust in his teachers.

All of the teachers I speak with have a true passion for not just the exceptional education they are providing, but a true passion for each individual student. Additionally, my kids have been exposed to different cultures by way of friends and teachers that they might not have had in any other school in our district.

My 5 year old is reading. After starting the year struggling to make certain letter sounds, she is articulate and counting in Spanish. Both of my children are learning Latin.

I believe that you would be doing right by all of the parents in your district by opening this school. As parents, we deserve to have choices in our children’s education. We deserve to not be “stuck”.  Please allow this school to open.