Dear Boulder Valley School District,

I am writing to encourage you to support the application for the Ascent Charter School in BVSD. I am a parent of two children (5th and 7th grades) at the Ascent Classical Academy in Castle Rock. The Ascent schools follow a common model so the school proposed for BVSD will be similar to the school in Castle Rock. I am very pleased with essentially everything about Ascent. The Core Knowledge curriculum provides an excellent foundation of knowledge for my children. It not only teaches them how to think, but to become civically engaged adults. I know all of my children’s teachers, plus many others. They are not only content matter experts, especially in the subjects for my 7th grader, but they are genuinely interested in my children. The school is relatively small and therefore has a consistently great school culture. Regular communication is provided about the school and I have frequent interactions with the teachers. I have a very good sense of what goes on at the school. I also interact with many parents and their feelings about the school are similar to mine. Every family I know values the education our kids receive and the community of the school. We wish this type of school could be available to more children.

In addition to parent satisfaction, my children are very pleased with the school. My family relocated from Arizona to Colorado this last summer and my children began this school knowing no other classmates. From an education perspective, the move to Ascent could not have been easier. My children are eager to go to school each day. The classes are rigorous, but enjoyable. My 7th grader especially enjoys her literature class where they read classical literature and then enter into socratic discussion about the book. In addition to education, there is also a strong emphasis on character development at Ascent schools and I see evidence of this daily. The interactions my children have with their classmates are kind, respectful, and supportive of each other. The emphasis of these behaviors at school is unique to Ascent.

I understand there is a significant list of families in Boulder asking for this  Ascent school. Because of the positive experience my family has had I strongly encourage you to approve Ascent and make this opportunity available to Boulder families.

Parker, CO