My name is Kyle —– and I am the father of two children that would greatly benefit from having the opportunity to get their education at Ascent Classical Academy. My wife and I have spent countless hours attending meetings and personally vetting this school system. The ultimate conclusion is that this school is by far and away the best option for our kids. Both of our children have attended public schools and there is so much left to be desired. This is what started our quest for another option and this is where Ascent fits in.

I am reaching out to you today specifically to address the negative public reaction to this school. The last minute uproar and fake outrage only serves to stand in the way of my children and many children just like mine that would excel both educationally and socially. The outrageous false narrative this is circulating is extremely concerning and should be viewed by the board as misguided and full of unnecessary desperation.

I feel, as so many others do, that Ascent has been extremely forthcoming and transparent in answering all of the questions that have been brought up in the meetings. So much so that the Superintendent has recommended that this school be approved with stipulations that Ascent has graciously agreed to make every attempt to instill into their proposal. My most sincerest request is that you don’t allow the lies and misinformation to stand in the way of giving parents and children another educational option.

Please vote yes for this school and for the children of our community. Thank you!