Dear Boulder County School Board,

I am a Golden View Classical parent and I ask all of you to approve Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons.  I know there are concerns regarding serving unique learnings, so I want to tell you about my experience at Golden View and how they served my child with learning challenges.

My son was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder, which means his ears do not communicate in his brain and background sounds are amplified.  The neighborhood school he attended was structured as a “student lead learning” environment. Students sat and worked in groups. Half of the class had their backs to the teacher who was in the front of the classroom.  This structure was so loud, it was impossible for my son to learn. He ended up being left out and continually placed in the back of the room.

Basically is he labeled as “unteachable”.  He had a 504 plan, which was never followed.  I spent days in classroom meeting with his teachers, learning services, principal, etc. asking them to follow his 504 plan.  Even cutting elements from his 504 plan so something would be followed every day. I ended up pulling him from our district run neighborhood school because his learning needs were not being met.  Nearly two years later I heard about Golden View Classical Academy where classes were structured similar to how it was when I went to school. Meaning kids sit in rows and the teacher leads classroom instructions.  Students have to raise their hand to participate. I knew that would be a perfect learning environment for my son. He thrived at Golden View Classical Academy. He was respected and appreciated by his teachers. They engaged not only with him, but all students.  He was in an environment where he could be and became the student he was meant to be. There is no greater joy than seeing your child blossom and thrive.

My son also had a 504 Plan at Golden View, which was followed by every teacher.  I never had to call the school, never had to talk to a teacher reminding them of seating preferences or anything else required in his 504 plan.  Golden View followed his plan so well, I forgot about it the following school year until the Golden View reached out to me to update his plan!

My daughter loves the smaller size high school at Golden View.  She has a strong group of friends and the school size fits her personality.  She loves that her teachers know her very well. She loves that she can go to any of her teachers to ask for help.  Golden View has many activities to encourage students from different grades to interact. She feels proud when the younger students look up to her. We both like that students from all different grades know each other, have lunch together and interact with each other.

From a parent perspective, I also like the smaller school environment.  Golden View’s leadership, i.e. the principal and vice principal are accessible and very responsive to questions and/or concerns.  I am entering my third year serving on the School Accountability Committee and Golden View has made changes based on parent feedback.  I appreciate the lengths our school leadership goes to, to ensure parents voices are heard and respected.

Lastly, my children and I are Hispanic.  Golden View is more racially and economically diverse than my neighborhood district run school.  Big picture, race has nothing to do with it. It is a parents right to choose a school that will best fit the learning needs of their children.  

Golden View Classical Academy has far exceeded my expectations.  My children are excited to go to school every single day. The teachers and admin are amazing, effective, approachable and all have a passion for developing the entire child – their mind and their character.  Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons would be an asset to Boulder Valley School district. It offers a curriculum that is in demand and gives parents another school option and gives parents the freedom to choose a school that will fit the learning needs of their children.  Again, I kindly ask that you approve Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons.

Kind Regards,