To the BVSD Board of Education and Superintendent Anderson,

Thank you for your consideration of Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons. As a Lafayette resident I am pleading for its approval. The parents of this district desperately want this school! The modern resurgence of the classical model of education is valuable to individuals as well as the community and should be made available to everyone.

Unfortunately there are many false ideas concerning the intent of this school that keep getting repeated. Please look critically at those opposed, since many are against a made-up view of what ACAF is. As a replica school, it’s easy to see the curriculum is not religious and that it will be a top-performing school like the others in the Ascent network.

I’ve included a very brief excerpt from a hot post on a Louisville Facebook page over the last 20 hours. Despite many trying to give accurate information (including myself, see post) they are undeterred in their false views. They certainly have a right to think whatever they want, until they push that view into discriminating against this school by asking for denial based on unfounded information.

Thank you again for the time and effort you are putting into this! I’m looking forward to finally being able to enroll my children in a BVSD school with the opening of Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons! Please approve!!