Dear Boulder Valley School District Board,

I want to support Ascent Classical Academy, writing how our daughter and our family feels about it.

The school is very welcoming and have found a possibility to accept my daughter as a student even in the middle of the year.  English is not our native language, my daughter have learned under different programs previously that are different from ACA. But we did not feel any discriminations. We were not even asked about my daughter’s grades before we were accepted. We were told that ACA accept her not because of her language, knowledge, our thought, beliefs, religion etc.

We have had a tour, visited some classes. We were happy to see that the teachers teach student how to think critically, to see that they are opened to any opinion and that the students learn to understand and accept other opinions and their right to it.

I like that my daughter learn in a small school that let the real individual approach. In my daughter’s previous schools the individual approach was declared but we never see that parents are respected and can talk about student’s needs and my daughter’s special needs usually was not taken into consideration. Everything was made for “average” student.

In Ascent Classical Academy I feel that the school board and office, and teachers, and parents are one team to reach educational goals and to make learning environment very advantageous and friendly.

My daughter feels here as at home and she always can’t wait when the next week will start after weekend or holiday.

The environment in the school is very kind! One day my daughter came from school and said she was very surprised, how kind is not only the staff, but also students one to another. She saw a student with some disabilities and she said in other schools students allowed some sort of mockery or ignoring. In ACA she saw that other students were very kind, smiling and helpful to that person.

I believe that the school is very welcoming, helpful, inclusive, good for kids with special learning needs, with very good warm environment, with very helpful stuff and professional teachers easy to reach.

Kind regards,