Dear Boulder Valley School District Board,

We are writing in SUPPORT of Ascent Classical Academy (ACA)!  The reasons that our family supports and is excited to attend this school is displayed within this letter.  The overall foundation of ACA is to instill the love and joy for learning. We know in your position that you value nothing less than children coming alive in their pursuit of knowledge.  As parents, we too hold this in high esteem as the greatest good we can give our children. We believe that at ACA, our children and many others will be challenged with academic excellence that would be on par with the expectations and quality that BVSD expects and provides.

ACA provides a classical education which will allow children to engage in our ever changing and diverse world (community) by giving them structure and desire to understand others and a foundation to learn and understand many different languages.  Not only will they be able to receive and respect all people and all backgrounds, the classical education we desire to provide our children will also give them the ability to be a leader in any career that they pursue.

As parents desiring the best education for our children, we are surprised to see and hear from the small minority that are in opposition to our right as parents seeking excellence for our children and education. We are not opposing or pleading these families that do not wish to provide this type education for their children, and in the same way we ask the board to understand that anyone other than the parents, and this board should not have influence on the decision to love their children and to be actively present in their education. The people in opposition to ACA possess a disposition of intolerance and are pursuing an anti-diverse agenda, and they are a threat to the future of our children.

We as parents are confident in classical education, and are certain the BVSD can only gain positive results from ACA. Thanks for your time.

Sam and Michelle