Dear Boulder Valley School District Board of Education,

It’s a privilege to write to you as a parent in BVSD. I’m thrilled you are considering approving the proposal for Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons.

The diversity this school will bring to our district is notable! Currently there are no classical public/charter schools in our area, and it will be a wonderful addition to our district to have this academic option. As with any charter school, it will be available to all free of charge—a welcome choice for us who want classical education within a classroom! (This option in BVSD is currently only “available” through homeschooling—a schooling choice NOT open to everyone.)

As you are no doubt aware, there are many inflammatory comments and outright lies circulating on social media about ACAF. These concerns are addressed in detail per the document submitted by ACAF to BVSD January 10th. A copy of this document is at:$file/ACAF%20Responses%20to%20BVSD%20Questions.pdf

I trust that as board members, superintendent, and people focused on the needs of our students first, you will approve this credible, dynamic, proven charter proposal. The schools in Fort Collins following this model, for example, continue to produce excellent results.

More personally, I know that the low-tech, traditional methods of this school are not for everyone, but that is the point! Just as we need schools with focus on various disciplines (arts, STEM, etc.), we need a school like this if we are going to be honestly diverse and inclusive. As a mom, I want well-read learners that know how to learn, and I appreciate the tried-and-true approach offered by ACAF.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to the diversification of our district by your approval of ACAF on Tuesday evening.