I am writing today to express my hope that you will vote to APPROVE the application for Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons charter (ACAF).  

I understand that there have been rumors of it being a “christian school”.  This is unfounded and untrue. I look at this assertion logically. If parents want to send their children to a school for a Christian education then those parents want to know what kind of Christian education it is.  That is why there are different Christian schools (Catholic, Lutheran, non-denominational, etc.) A school would also need a written statement of faith so that families would know what they are getting.

ACAF has no such statement.  This is because it is NOT a Christian school.  As a religious family we would not be in support of or desire to send our children to this school if it did.  I have good friends who are also very religious (Catholic) and send their children to Goldenview. They are all very happy with GVCA.  They certainly would not be if there was any Christian teaching as there are differences between the Catholic faith and others.

So I conclude that there is no Christian indoctrination happening in these classical academies.  

Please rely on the documentation that you have been given by ACAF and not on hearsay of what people “think” they will teach.

Thank you for your time.  My children and I all hope that you will APPROVE the charter for Ascent Classical Academy.  We would love to be a part of BVSD.