Dear Boulder Valley School Board,

Hallo,  I am writing in concern to Ascent Classical Academy.

Our family are relatively new to the USA and my child was a student in Miami, in Colorado Springs, even homeschooling for a short time. And finally we have found the best school for us.

The school always meets our special needs.  The school offered to my child to come for a Shadow Day to be more psychologically prepared for the school after we said we are a little bit nervous.

My child said she was always afraid to go to new school but it was first time she was not afraid.

I have reached almost every teacher to explain that English is not my child’s native language and every teacher offered help. Moreover there were offered some modifications how my child can learn the subjects so that it will be more effective and less stressful.

The school offered ELD program to help my child to improve the language and the teachers are always ready to meet me and my child to discuss any difficulties.

The director of ACA personally introduced our family to a student who speak on our language so that my child can make friendship even before starting school and so that we can get reviews from real students too.

The school also helped us with our financial needs.

Every time I was talking to the personal about our special educational or other needs we always get real help, not just words.

I have asked to change the schedule and it was very easy even my child maybe was not perfect in everything but the teachers saw what was the right place for my child and allowed to learn in more advanced group. I did not hope for that because our experience in previous schools was telling me it was unpossible, but in ACA it is real!

I am always sure I will get any help I need from ACA.  The community is also so great. E.g.parents were gathering presents for seriously ill parent.

I hope that so experienced BVSD school board will see what a  great opportunity to have Ascent school in Boulder! and will not believe any false information about the school, is able to see what a great educational system is realizing in the school.

Diversity is very important and in education too. It is proud that it is possible to have different types of schools and freedom of choice of the educational system. Otherwise the education will be universalized and too standardised and the freedom of choice will be limited.

We need more schools like ACA.

Kind regards,