MYTH: Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons  (ACAF) teaches abstinence only sex education.

FACT: Wrong. ACAF does not teach an abstinence only sex program but does cover sex education in a way more sensitive to the desires of parents. The description of how “Human Sexuality” is taught is listed below, which is found in the Family Handbooks of both Golden View Classical Academy and Ascent Classical Academy of Douglas County . ACAF has been clear about this with BVSD board and staff.  The below text is from page 12 of the ACAD Family Handbook.

Policy AP-21.0 Human Sexuality

We believe parents own the fundamental responsibility for their children’s education, which includes the areas of morality and sexuality. The School’s role, at most, should be viewed as a supportive one. It is apparent that sexuality is more than biology and physiology. It also includes morality, spirituality and the emotions. Because it is a part of the whole human experience, it must be taught with respect and sensitivity. We believe children are naturally modest concerning their bodies and are not ready to learn everything at once. They are naturally curious, however, and need to get answers to their questions in a way appropriate to their stage of development. In teaching this topic, we want to minimize the embarrassment associated with it for both children and parents. Character education is at the center of our school’s culture and mission, and helps students build the capacity to make and abide by sound moral choices. Sex involves serious moral decision-making, and is therefore taught with these observations in mind. Ascent Classical Academy intends to help initiate and facilitate discussions between parents and children on this sensitive subject. Principles to be communicated:

  • Sexuality in practice is best accompanied by marital commitment and fidelity.
  • Marriage demands exclusivity and permanence.
  • Promiscuous sex has moral and physical consequences.
  • Premarital abstinence is a positive, practical, achievable lifestyle that promotes self-control, self respect, respect for others, responsibility, maturity, and good health.
  • Abstinence prior to marriage is the only 100% safe approach to sex physically, emotionally, morally, and spiritually.

In the Grammar School, the Core Knowledge sequence places a discussion on the reproductive organs and reproduction in Fifth Grade. This part of the sequence will be taught in a gender-separated environment. Parents will have the opportunity to preview the class materials, to attend a meeting with the teacher(s) prior to the section on sexuality, and to excuse their children from this portion of the science curriculum.

In the High School, human reproduction is taught as part of Ninth Grade Biology. This unit will focus on human reproduction and health, including discussion on sexually transmitted diseases (including AIDS), condoms (with respect to their limited effectiveness in prevention of sexually transmitted diseases), and fetal development. Parents have the option of excusing their children from this portion of the class. From time to time, Upper School students will be involved in discussions concerning sexuality and sexual restraint, as these issues affect their living a moral and responsible life. Faculty will engage these discussions with maturity, restraint, and prudence.