“There’s a silent struggle going on in your neighborhood that you may not have heard about yet. The war on ideas, on parent choice in education, and specifically, on how charter schools are approved in Colorado.

Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons (ACAF) is a planned charter school currently seeking a home for its high-quality education method, known as the classical education model, and is targeted to open in the fall of 2019. It will be a part of Ascent Classical Academies, a Colorado-based network of charter schools that operates Ascent Classical Academy – Douglas County in Castle Rock and is based on the successful Golden View Classical Academy in Golden.

Even after receiving a startup grant of almost $700,000 from the Colorado Department of Education, and letters of intent from more than 560 area families, Ascent Flatirons is a school in limbo.”

The War on School Choice Happening in Your Backyard